still playing in the mud…

still playing in the mud…

Another year is slipping by so fast! And what a year it’s been. Some really good, some really bad. I have been stretching my wings a bit, I signed up for more shows than ever in 2015, which might be laughable to some artists who make their entire living doing shows. With my film work, […]

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Metal & Mud

Trying to get back to my metalsmithing roots these days.  I started my art making career in metal. Well, not exactly. I was a painter first. I painted all through high school & college. Then I neglected my art for a few years. The first technique I taught myself after returning to art was riveting […]

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Pictures from COOAK

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Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along

Just back from Chicago One of a Kind Show. I fell in love with Chicago & the people we met there. My sister, Michelle came with me to set up the show, & worked the first day with me. I could not have done this without her, thanks Chelly! This is such a great show, […]

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Thank You!

Have you hugged an artist today? And by hugged, I mean supported (although we like hugs, too). defines support this way: “something that serves as a foundation, prop, brace, or stay.” So, those who support independent artists, & all “mom & pops” are our FOUNDATION- the means by which we ‘stay’. Making art for a living  may seem like all fun & games, […]

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Falling Up

Falling Up

Fall is coming. Any day now. I can see it in the way the sunlight dapples down through the Oaks & Pecan trees on my block. It is always autumn’s first harbinger for me, the shadow play lets me know that soon…..maybe not soon enough…but soon, the heat will give us a break, & I […]

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Here’s to 2013!

2013 is shaping up to be a crazed & somewhat rickety, but altogether exceptional year. It will see us once again ankle deep in the selling & buying of houses, executing a change of venue (so soon after getting to Dallas!), pulling off some freakily  excellent art shows hither & yon,  & a venturesome turn […]

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Solo Show at Rue Cou Cou!

Solo Show at Rue Cou Cou!

So excited for this “homecoming” solo  show in Baton Rouge! I am the featured artist at Rue Cou Cou this Friday night, November 16th. Rue Cou Cou is located in the Circa 1857 complex, 1857 Government Street.  There will be live music in the courtyard, a bonfire, cash bar, & catering. I truly hope to […]

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my interview with as featured artist

In addition to this website, I have a wholesale site for gallery owners & buyers. (One of the reasons I stay too busy to spend much time on my blog!) The work I sell there is mainly my ‘dysfunctional functional line’.  I don’t sell any of the bigger work, because they are each done as […]

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Featured Artist at Cottonwood Art Fest!

I am honored to have been chosen as Featured Artist  at Cottonwood Art Festival, in Richardson, TX! The show is October 6th & 7th, 2011. My work will be on the tee shirts, posters, etc, & I could not be more excited. I was chosen from 240 artists selected by a  jury of art professionals out […]

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