Art is life.  It affects me on every level, like the long deep sigh of the soul.  I can’t imagine my life without art, nor would I want to.  A soulful, mysterious meditation is manifested in the faces and figures I sculpt.  My passion feeds off the art and the art grows up from my passion.  It is a brilliant mirror which I hold up to myself and bare all.  For me, there is no separation.  Life is art” – Denise Greenwood

My work is centered on emotion, on human frailty and imperfection. I believe people can find something of themselves in figurative work, a sort of  connection in the feelings that lie beyond the physical. I work to capture the space between extremes of emotion- the middle place where silence and stillness can evoke equanimity.  Each piece is created by hand making each an original.  I have been carefully cultivating the process  to achieve the results I have in mind for my art. I think this will be a lifelong endeavor.

Denise was born in Kansas City, MO.  Memories of her early years in that visually stunning city infused in her a love of art.  Number ten of twelve children, the family moved to the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain when she was eight.  Surrounded by woods and rivers it was a magical place to grow up.  She studied design at Louisiana State University, but still considers herself an outsider artist in her chosen medium.  For the past twenty three years, she has worked as a freelance art director in the film and video industry.  Her work takes her to such great cities as Las Vegas and New Orleans.  As film work can be quite chaotic, she feels that the quiet days spent in her studio form the perfect balance.