Something to Say

I thought that title might spark some brilliant thoughts that have been percolating since the new year began…. but my head is “muddy” from the retrieving  end of a cold, & words aren’t coming easy today.

Gallery orders are coming in. This is great, it means it was a good holiday season for sales, & they need to restock. Great news for artists, too.  If only there were three or four of me. I could keep one of me in the studio full time (I’d pick ME because it’s my favorite place to be), then one would be stuck with social media and marketing (is that redundant for a business owner these days?), yet another me would walk the puppy, do the shopping & run errands, cook fun, healthy meals, keep this home in drop-by company condition, meditate daily, do yoga…. o.k., it might take more than three or four of me.

My new studio is coming along, as far as getting settled in, though it’s a long way from being “dressed”. I need more inspirational bits on my wall of inspiration, & more shelves up in my kiln room. I am going to post, on my FB site,  a few candid shots I took in there today, just glimpses of the space I work in. You can see them here:


I have a pretty clear idea of where I am taking my art this year. Look for bigger, more mixed-media, fun series, and titles. I have shows scheduled (so far) in Houston & Austin. More to be announced as I hear back from the juries.

Happy 2012 everyone. Remember, you do not need art to live. You need art to FEEL ALIVE!


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