you can run, but…..

So, here I am……. again…wanting to say that I’ll get better at writing my post. But, I prolly won’t…any time soon. What I have done, instead of writing here, is to spend many of my waking moments holed up in my underground-ish studio. Which is good and bad. There I go again, always treading that line where opposites connect. It fascinates me, this middle place. That is a topic for my next (maybe) blog.

Now, I am preparing for my one & only 2011 art show in New Orleans, the day after Thanksgiving. This show is invitation only, but contact me & we’ll chat if you simply must get in. I will be introducing a lot of new designs, in addition to some of the NOLA favorites.  I couldn’t be more excited about this show. I love Dallas, so far, but I left my heart in South Louisiana! Oh, I have also applied to my spring shows. Fingers crossed that I can pass muster with the jurors in some really exciting cities! I’ll be posting those shows as I get my notifications. Stay tuned for that!

I have some super-duper ideas for new 2012 series, makes me want to do somersaults all the way to the studio when I think about the titles & sketches I have jotted down over the past few weeks. Funnest ever! I am also concentrating on more mixed media pieces (see the “Far Outside the Circus Gay” series in my gallery pages), with emphasis on clay as always, but going back to my metalsmithing roots. I could just whoop!

Right now, I am going to eat a satsuma! If you are not fortunate enough to live in South Louisiana (no, those “satsuma mandarins” coming out of CA don’t count!), I feel for you. These little gems are nature’s candy. I can eat them all day & be happy about it. Mmmmmmmmmm…


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